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T o m m e n  o f  H o u s e  B a r a t h e o n

the First of His Name. King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms


"The propaganda surrounding Margaret Beaufort serves two purposes, it brings another villain into the mix in the mystery of the fate of the “Princes in the Tower” and it emasculates Henry VII. Fictional representations of Margaret show an unhealthy and obsessive love for her son in which she rivals her daughter-in-law for his affections. The most recent depiction of Margaret on television is maniacal, fanatical and outrageously sexist, for how better to denigrate a female than showing her as a hysterical woman constantly on the verge of tears, when not of course being devious and underhanded?”

- Olga Hughes, Elizabeth of York and her Kings - Henry VII


Anonymous asked: Love all the gifs! Could we have the bit after Morse recites the poem- Thursday giving him the chance to run and then their ‘to the ends’. Thank you!

Mr Selfridge, worth watching??

deisegal said: Bless this post

I was talking to my brother about this, and he was saying that maybe seeing it from “Team Dragonstone” lense is not all that accurate - that GRRM is actually writing about Davos (he’s the one with the POV), and in that case it makes sense that Selyse don’t really have her say, Stannis doesn’t either.

That’s interesting and I never really thought of it that way … but in that case, maybe it would have helped if we actually know more about Marya at least?? Not necessarily her POV, just more in general so it’s not just - oh well Davos loves her and she once said “only a starving man begs bread from a beggar.” I’m exaggerating, but not much, really.

You’re your father’s daughter and no mistake

You’re your father’s daughter and no mistake

The King on the Iron Throne!

The King on the Iron Throne!

Mistreatment of the Painted Table Miniatures Through the Seasons :(

deisegal replied to your post “I wanted to do a gifset with Stannis’ hand destroying that ship, and…”

LMAO currently making a “descruction of the model boats” set…

Hah I read it as “deconstruction” at first.:D