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Argilac’s “famous mane of black hair” suggests that another of my personal theories is correct: that the “Baratheon look” is actually the look of House Durrendon, transferred through Argella. That always seemed to make sense to me given that Orys Baratheon is supposedly a Targaryen bastard and yet House Baratheon ended up with one of those magical noble house hereditary appearances that is pretty much the exact opposite of House Targaryen. It also fits with Orys adopting the Durrendon’s sigil and motto.
I’ve read on asoiaf forum it’s not a typo. Storm Kings are Durrandon now

But why??? Is there any particular reason he would change it?


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I remember the first time my father took me to court, Robert had to hold my hand. I could not have been older than four, which would have made him five or six. We agreed afterward that the king had been as noble as the dragons were fearsome.

Years later, our father told us that Aerys had cut himself on the throne that morning, so his Hand had taken his place. It was Tywin Lannister who’d so impressed us.

The Durrandon thing must be a typo, right???? He’s not changing the House name suddenly from Durrendon surely.

From Massey’s Hook came Lord Bar Emmon of Sharp Point and Lord Massey of Stonedance, both sworn to Storm’s End, but with closer ties to Dragonstone. Lord Aegon and his sisters took counsel with them and visited the castle sept to pray to the Seven of Westeros as well though he had never before been accounted a pious man. (World of Ice and Fire)

A dozen lesser lords, bannermen and vassals to Dragonstone, sat at the black council as well: Celtigar of Claw Isle, Staunton of Rook’s Rest, Massey of Stonedance, Bar Emmon of Sharp Point, and Darklyn of Duskendale amongst them. But the greatest lord to pledge his strength to the princess was Corlys Velaryon of Driftmark. (The Princess and the Queen)

Dragons are not horses. They do not easily accept men upon their backs, and when angered or threatened, they attack. Sixteen men lost their lives during an attempt to become dragonriders. Three times that number were burned or maimed. Steffon Darklyn was burned to death whilst attempting to mount the dragon Seasmoke. Lord Gormon Massey suffered the same fate when approaching Vermithor. (The Princess and the Queen)

I squeed every time there is even a brief mention of House Massey, hehe. Justin look at all your ancestors! (Eek one of them was burned to death because he thought he had Targaryen blood).

So I guess House Massey was originally sworn to Storm’s End before Aegon’s Conquest, but by the time of the Dance with Dragons civil war, they were sworn to Dragonstone?

How did the Massey end up losing their ancestral land, though?

“He wants my lands,” Asha replied. “He wants the Iron Islands.” She knew the signs. She had seen the same before in other suitors. Massey’s own ancestral holdings, far to the south, were lost to him, so he must needs make an advantageous marriage or resign himself to being no more than a knight of the king’s household. (A Dance with Dragons)

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And that, my friend, is the sound of Ser Justin’s heart breaking

A friend of mine is reading ADWD, and this is what she has to say about Justin Massey:

Her: Ohhhh I get it, he’s like the Daario Naharis of Team Stannis. Dumb, but pretty.

Me: Nooooooooooo. You’re wrong. You’re just wrong.

Her: See, you’re just like Dany. Other people don’t understand the attraction at all.

Me: ?????? I don’t even like Daario.

Her: I’m talking about Justin Massey.

Me: He has a lot of fans okay I’m telling you he does. 

No king in Westeros was more feared than Black Harren, whose cruelty had become legendary all through the Seven Kingdoms.  And no king in Westeros felt more threatened than Argilac the Storm King, last of the Durrandon — an aging warrior whose only heir was his maiden daughter.  Thus it was that King Argilac reached out to the Targaryens on Dragonstone, offering Lord Aegon his daughter in marriage, with all the lands east of the Gods Eye from the Trident to the Blackwater Rush as her dowry.

Aegon Targaryen spurned the Storm King’s proposal. He had two wives, he pointed out; he did not need a third. And the dower lands being offered had belonged to Harrenhal for more than a generation. They were not Argilac’s to give. Plainly, the aging Storm King meant to establish the Targaryens along the Blackwater as a buffer between his own lands and those of Harren the Black.

The Lord of Dragonstone countered with an offer of his own. He would take the dower lands being offered if Argilac would also cede Massey’s Hook and the woods and plains from the Blackwater south to the river Wendwater and the headwaters of the Mander.  The pact would be sealed by the marriage of King Argilac’s daughter to Orys Baratheon, Lord Aegon’s childhood friend and champion.

These terms Argilac the Arrogant rejected angrily. Orys Baratheon was a baseborn half brother to Lord Aegon, it was whispered, and the Storm King would not dishonor his daughter by giving her hand to a bastard.  The very suggestion enraged him. Argilac had the hands of Aegon’s envoy cut off and returned to Dragonstone in a box. “These are the only hands your bastard shall have of me,” he wrote.

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iheartdramas asked: That snippet of "The World of Ice and Fire" where we learn about what prompted Aegon to become a conqueror, did it give you as many Argella x Orys feels as it did me? The fact that a match between them was proposed before the war of conquest just adds a new level of angst. I like it!

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OMG I JUST READ IT AND SAME!!!!! Aghhhhh it’s so painful … just imagining the conversations and everybody’s reaction. (Yeah so I guess your father didn’t think I was good enough to you. He took it as such an insult he cut off the envoy’s hands and returned them to us in a box. Okay … so what? You got your revenge you killed my father already what more do you want? Do you want to cut off my hands too and put them in a box? There’s no one to return them to, because, oh yeah, that’s right, you already killed the last of my family thank you very much, husband.)

Although, I don’t think Aegon was deliberately trying to insult Argilac or his daughter when he offered Orys. Aegon obviously valued Orys as his general and his friend, enough to make Orys his Hand when he became king … so maybe the real bone of contention was the question of which land would be Argella’s dowry.

Then again, maybe Aegon himself didn’t think of Orys as an insult, but he knew that Argilac would take it as such, considering Westerosi’s attitude towards bastards. So he offered Orys (and at the same time rejected Argella as his wife) knowing full well that Argilac would take it badly and maybe do something drastic, and then Aegon could finally get the pretext he needed for war.

Or maybe that’s just 3D-chessing it too much, hehe. Maybe Aegon just didn’t expect that Argilac would react as badly as he did, and then things just spiraled from there.

 (AU though – what if Aegon did marry Argella and made her his third wife?)